Family crisis in Firing Squad?

Tuesday 12th June, 2007 | Skip to comments (13)

We have been informed that the possibly best 2on2 duo in QuakeWorld, razor and reppie, has run into a family crisis. The sources tell us that the crisis has been caused by the fact that razor has won both EQL and NQR with his new temporary team, Dota All-Stars Guys. Winning these both highly respected awards in a row is something that the Firing Squad team have never been capable of doing. On the other hand, reppie has been playing with the mainly Finnish team, clan Malfunction. They have definitely performed a lot better than last few seasons and without a doubt reppie should be thanked for this.


However the number one question right now must be that, will razor officially leave the Firing Squad and stick with Dota All-Stars Guys? If razor wants to keep on winning these titles the best choice for him would be to stay in DAG but from the spectators point of view, would you like see Firing Squad being closed? I wouldn’t.

I assume we will just have to wait and see what happens after the summer break is over. It is always interesting to see what teams come back after the break. Perhaps next season we will see GTG and LA back in the action as well? These two teams have been spotted playing some QW during their WoW breaks.

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Tuesday 12th June, 2007


Tuesday 12th June, 2007

OMG, i had no idea!

Tuesday 12th June, 2007

hehe lol image :)
well looks like fs will play, keys and spoink is back and prolly wanna play,
next goal: beat dag!

Tuesday 12th June, 2007

man, I love this kind of drama news on

Tuesday 12th June, 2007

bring back Firing Squad NOW!

Or, change DAG into FS + old members

Wednesday 13th June, 2007

losing 0:3 to sr is funnier with fs?
ye deffinetly

Wednesday 13th June, 2007

eeh my comment got fucked!
was supposed to be a irc quote of reppie :)

Friday 15th June, 2007

I hope next season will be interesting. gtg, la, fs please come back :)

Sunday 17th June, 2007

dont forget tvs

Thursday 21st June, 2007

i love that picture

Sunday 24th June, 2007

spoinka will own hard :)

Monday 23rd July, 2007

Hehe, nice !

Wednesday 8th August, 2007

i want those stuffed teadybear-animals =(

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