2008 - Not only the year of Rambo 4

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2008 is definitely the year of avidly hoped for sequels. While almost everyone is looking forward to Sylvester Stallone showing some Burmese fellas how to party, the real gem of 2008 was yet to be officially announced. And here it comes: Nations Quake Rank 11!

That’s right: NQR is back! It’s been a long 7 months without a word from the officials, but now the admins have decided to hit off the new season some time after QHLAN 11 and the currently underway season of EQL.

Thanks to gaz, most of the preparations required for NQR 11 have now been completed. Also, some changes were made to the roster: For now, the NQR staff are very happy to announce Swedish Kenya-loving settings-nerd Molgrum as one of the new admins. While having collected a fair bit of experience as an admin in the Quakeworld Kenya Collective, the NQR staff is mainly hoping for Molgrum to take a leading role in the omnipresent discussions about clients and commands, radars and other obscurities such as.

Additionally to Molgrum, the NQR staff are thinking of expanding their admin roster by one more person. If you think you could be a worthy addition, I suggest you drop us a line. Here are some basic requirements for the job:

  • Good English. You should be able to communicate with players from all over Europe and furthermore be able to write news and interviews.
  • No affiliation with EQL or NNQL. (not that we have anything against their admins. We’d just prefer to have some diversity for obvious reasons)
  • Some knowledge of what’s going on in the scene, who the players and clans are, etc.
  • The time and enthusiasm required to do the job and - throughout the whole season.
  • While we all have our personal grudges against various players or clans, NQR is not the place for personal vendettas. Be objective.
  • Although not necessary, it would be nice if you were not Swedish since Swedes already form the majority of the active admins.

In order to provide top notch coverage of games, the NQR staff are furthermore constantly looking for commentators. These commentators would obviously not be part of the regular NQR crew, but it would be nice to know who to contact when looking for one. Perhaps it would also be nice to have some commentators prepared to provide live commentary for lower div or rookie games. If you’re interested, drop us a line!

The NQR 11 staff is also planning on making some changes in the tournament system, but who are we to spoil surprises when christmas is merely two weeks away. Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gents, because the most traditional and prestigious league is no longer around the corner, but straight ahead.

Further announcements concerning NQR 11 will follow. If you have any suggestions or criticism, feel free to comment below.

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Tuesday 11th December, 2007

Oh, sweet. Love NQR :)

Tuesday 11th December, 2007

This is cool.

Hope you'll get some good commentators, they'll surely add some extra intensity to the war.

Tuesday 11th December, 2007


Tuesday 11th December, 2007

I know one person that clearly fail on the first requirement alone =))

Tuesday 11th December, 2007


Tuesday 11th December, 2007

rambo, does his name start with an S and end with assa?

Tuesday 11th December, 2007

I feel so much Somas hate ;(

Tuesday 11th December, 2007

It's more than awesome to see NQR return! Let's just say that this news post is of the highest quality and i'm excited to see quality somewhere near a 4on4 league again.. :) It's been a while since last time.

Good work Soma & crew and keep it coming!

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

Right on soma!
And as you havfe seen, I havnt commentated in a LONG time due to ppl's wish :)
Ill rather just sit and spec, good luck with NQR, as I know it will be better than EQL was this season.

Nice written soma, waiting anxiously

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

i'm interested in doing commentary, but i'm not very knowledgable in 4on4 tactics so i would have to team up with someone who is :)

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

Nice spirit there !phil! - nice with someone that actually CAN speak clear english, well sassa is good to with his arabic-eng to... Well appricated!

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

whoop! looking forward to this! na fianna ftw ;)

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

My accent is too laughable if I were too commentate, although I've thought about giving it a shot ;)

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

How the hell did I say too instead of to? GG no sleep due to finals :{

Wednesday 12th December, 2007

you are becoming a swede because of too much quakeworlding. soon it'll be "loose" instead of lose, "hes" instead of his and "men fjylle hjördis" instead of drat

Thursday 13th December, 2007

err, it is correct to use too in that case

Thursday 13th December, 2007

obviously i meant the first too, not the second one which i missed

Thursday 13th December, 2007

Sassa commentary better than no commentary

Friday 14th December, 2007

is nqr going to be the same setup as last year or will there be a different league format??

Saturday 15th December, 2007

That's the big Q like in question, isn't it?

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